We are a group of women who are not good at sitting still.  We are much better at being busy—and as long-time friends, we love to be busy TOGETHER doing something BIGGER than us! We all have day jobs ranging from teacher to banker to dental hygienist. Those jobs pay our bills so that we can use our free time to create opportunities to pay other people’s bills. 


We are so much happier when we are helping others, so we created Hope House Goods. This awesome collection of handcrafted goods from makers near and far is our way of supporting those in need.  


All of our products are handmade by a special person—someone with dreams, with struggles, with friends, with a family.  For us, Hope House Goods is all about the people—and that is why we hope you find something special for the people who are closest to you.  


Our main drive right now is to make and source unique products to sell so that people displaced from their homes in Peru can find a new home and supportive community. We work with a special, grassroots non-profit, Something New, to make this happen.


Something New rents a large apartment-style building to provide housing for families in Lima, Peru. This building is lovingly known as the Hope House, as that is no doubt what it represented to its residents. See some of the incredible stories of the Hope House here.


Enjoy, and thank you for shopping!